School Clubs

Here at Westfield, various members of our staff run a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs stretching across the entire school curriculum, which is designed to further enhance learning and to help improve knowledge & understanding.

School Breakfast Club: Mon - Fri 08:00am - 08:50am

Ran by Mr Winslade, your child can have an easy relaxing start to their day by joining us for breakfast, whether that be a slice of toast or a box of corn flakes, water or squash.

Breakfast club costs £2 which can be paid on your Teachers2Parents account.

Lunchtime Activity Zone (LTAZ): Every Lunchtime

The Lunch Time Activity Zone, guided by Mrs Halliday, welcomes all pupils, whether they want to use the zone to socialise, take part in the activities or just to chill out!

The schedule of activities changes regularly throughout the year. These range from colouring in, making friendship bracelets, as well as supporting our local community by entering competitions such as designing a Royal Mail Stamp and decorating Easter eggs for the Co-Op.

See further details below in the LTAZ document.


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