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Posted on: 22/10/2019

Christian Fuchs Visit to WJS

It was a huge delight & pleasure to welcome Christian into our school to discuss his sporting career & other achievements. He was fantastic with the children and throughout the presentation, he was giving examples and advice about what challenges he has faced in his career and how has overcame these. As you may know we have a resilience theme in our school, so self-esteem, confidence, co-operation, sacrifice are all characteristics that we are striving to instil in our children here at Westfield. Christian discussed his life as a boy growing up in Austria and how his family supported him, alongside how he persevered after being rejected by football clubs.


Christian’s messages were translated into classroom practice so that the children can use these real examples and challenges to enhance their own learning. We naturally discussed Leicester winning the premier league and what working as a team can achieve. 


There were many questions that the children asked Christian, with one child In Year 4) being picked out by Christian for asking a magnificent question about doubting himself.


Mr Farrell  “As a football fan and a Leicester City fan, to meet and discuss Christian’s life and to be part of him passing on life-long advice in an inspirational way to our children was an experience that I know they will never forget and use as they move forward in their young lives”


Mr Haltof “It was a real pleasure to welcome Christian to Westfield Junior School.  The pupils were in awe to meet the Premier League Title winning star who took the time to talk to them about his career and his determination from an early age to play at the highest level.  Christian reminded the children that they must always believe in themselves and be resilient when things do not go their way.”


Finally, we also invited in Roger Lambert (father Mr Lambert) as he has been a season ticket holder for a mammoth 65 years! Roger was overwhelmed at meeting Christian and discussed Dennis Rofe and David Nish with Christian as former Leicester City defenders. 



Written by Mr Farrell
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