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Posted on: 07/01/2021


With snow or severe weather likely over the next few days/weeks, I would like to remind parents/carers of the procedure to close the school if it becomes necessary as a last resort.

The decision to close a school due to snow or severe weather is the responsibility of the Head Teacher, in consultation with the Chair of Governors. In taking this decision the Head Teacher will consider the following:

Health and Safety
Will remaining open constitute a significant risk to pupils and/or staff?

Availability of staff
Has the severe weather meant that a significant number of staff have been unable to attend making it impossible to open?

The first priority will always be to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, pupils, parents and visitors to the site. Where practical, an alternative to closure will be to open an hour or so later in order to enable staff and children to have additional time to travel to school safely.

Once the decision to close the school has been made or if there is a delay to the start of the school day, parents will receive a text and a notification will be posted on Class Dojo, Facebook and the school website. We will also contact BBC Radio Leicester (104.9 FM).

Written by Headteacher
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