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Posted on: 12/04/2019

Headteachers Blog 12/04/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, GOODIES’ TREAT CINEMA TRIP This week, our pupils who have not had a detention this term, visited Cineworld in Hinckley to watch a film and have a Munch Box treat (years five and six watched ‘Small Foot’ and years three and four saw ‘Sherlock Gnomes’). As we were waiting to go in, a member of the public came over to ask which school we were from. He said that he was very impressed by the behaviour of the children as they were walking through The Crescent and whilst waiting to go in. This is always a lovely thing to hear and our pupils should feel proud of themselves. Again, we have had some visitors to the school this week and they were impressed by our pupils who showed that they were engaged in their learning in the classes they saw and in the corridors where they opened doors, showing that they have good manners – they are a credit to you. THE GREAT BIG SCHOOL CLEAN On Tuesday lunch break our intrepid litter pickers (Eco Warriors, School Council and IH) spent time tidying the school grounds and recycling plastics as part of the Great Big School Clean. I would like to thank the children who did this for the school as well as the staff who supported this worthwhile activity: Mrs Sodiq, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Elwell. Well done all! We already recycle our plastics in school and Mrs Lewis is very strict about it – we have had to rethink how we use packaging. Everyone has to do something to help the environment and our children felt that they were doing this by taking part in this National initiative which lasts from 23rd March to 23rd April. EASTER SERVICES Today, our pupils attended an Easter service at St John’s Church on Coventry Road as is now our tradition. Again, our pupils’ behaviour was impeccable with nearly 400 children on the move to and from the church. EASTER RAFFLE Thank you to Mrs Elwell and our PTA for organising an Easter Raffle for the children. The number of prizes was brilliant – lots of work for an already busy person in the last week of term – but well worth it. We hope you all have a lovely Easter break – this is my favourite time of year and no, it’s not because of the chocolate – well, maybe this is true... Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 5/04/2019

Headteachers Blog 05/04/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, AMAZING DANCE PERFORMANCES Yesterday, five classes (3F, 4H, 5HW, 6L and Mrs Smith-Phelps’ class) performed the dances they have learned this term firstly to the school and then to their parents and families. Lower school and Upper School dances were so different but both brilliant. We could see the progression as the dances become more complicated as the children move up a year. Erika, our wonderful dance teacher, will be working with four more classes next term plus year six will be preparing for the ‘dance off’ at the year six party taking place at the end of June (their music will be Queen classics – my request)! She will also be working in the school next year – we love the performance side of dance and try to ensure our children have a chance to have a go at other performing arts wherever we can. This is so important for children’s self-confidence. I wish I had been given the opportunity to do that at school... VISITOR FEEDBACK We have had some visitors to our school in the past week and ALL of them have commented on the work ethic of our pupils and the learning going on in the classrooms. It is so good to be able to show off our school to visitors and have positive feedback from them. We know we are doing well but we love it when other professionals agree. Well done everyone! GOODIES’ TREAT This leads me on to the Goodies’ Treat next week. The upper School (years five and six) are off to see Small Foot in the cinema and will have a munch box to eat also. This is on Monday 8th April at 10am. We will be back in time for lunch. The Lower School (years three and four) will be going to the cinema to see Sherlock Gnomes and will also have a munch box as part of the treat. This will be on Thursday 11th April at 10am and, again, we will be back by lunch. The children will be walking there and back. EASTER RAFFLE/CHURCH The Easter Break is fast approaching and on Friday 12th April we are off to St John’s Church on Coventry Road for an Easter service. We have so many children that we have to go in two groups: years three and four at 9:45 and years 5 and 6 at 10:45. The children will be walking there and back. Mrs Elwell and her PTA are selling raffle tickets for the Easter Raffle on Friday. This is always brilliant as there are lots of Easter Eggs as prizes. You have to be in it to win it!! DON’T FORGET – IT IS COFFEE STOP TODAY!! Best wishes, Margaret Greig  

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