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Posted on: 6/07/2018

Headteachers Blog 06/06/2018

Dear Parents/Carers, HOT WEATHER After another week of wall to wall sunshine and hot temperatures, I think everyone is feeling that we would like a bit of rain! I used to live in Cyprus when my husband was in the army and this was what the weather was like from March all the way to December – but the working day finished at 1pm and our houses were designed to keep us cool with ceiling fans and stone floors and shaded patio areas – no posh air conditioning in those days! We Brits do love a moan about the weather... On a more serious note, some children are really feeling the effects of too much sun. Thank you to all the parents/carers who slather on the sunscreen and make sure their children have a water bottle and a hat – it really makes a difference, especially when PE sessions are outside on the field. YEAR SIX LEAVERS’ PARTY Last night we had the most fantastic party in school with our lovely year six pupils. They all looked so grown up and stylish – behaviour again was excellent from this year group. The highlight of the evening was definitely the MJ dance off. I had the very difficult job of judging the best dance routine but 6C came out on top with their ‘Beat It’ routine which was amazing! The DJ was most impressed and said he had never seen anything like our amazing pupil dance routines at an event before (his daughter, who was helping him, was an ex-pupil and said that it wasn’t fair as when she was at Westfield they didn’t do anything like this). Apart from the brilliant dancing, it was so good to see ALL our pupils enjoying performing. Thank you to all the staff who turned out to support this event. I would particularly like to thank Mrs Elwell and Mrs Holt who, together with our kitchen staff Mrs Capener and Mrs Read, slaved away in a hot kitchen to provide food for us all. TRANSFER DAY Yesterday our children spent the day with their new teacher and we had our new year three pupils joining us from WIS. All seemed well when I visited the new classes. We have three new teachers next year; Mrs Mayne, Miss Randall and Miss Seavers (one in each year group with year six staff staying put). Our year six pupils are out at their respective high schools this week also – we send pupils to five different schools). Enjoy the sunshine yet again this weekend! Best wishes, Margaret Greig

2 Blog Posts found

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