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Posted on: 29/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 29/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, DANCE PERFORMANCES ON THURSDAY 4TH APRIL On Thursday next week, our pupils in 3F, 4H, 5HW and 6L will be performing the completed dances they have learnt with Erica, our dance teacher. This is a chance for you to come into school to see your child performing what they have been learning this term. Years three and four have a Road Trip USA theme and parents/carers are invited for a 10:30 start. Years five and six are going for a Frozen theme and parents/carers are invited for a 2:30 start. All performances are held in the hall. Please be prompt as performances are short and sweet – we would not want you to miss them! SOCIAL MEDIA INFORMATION ON WEBSITE We have had a couple of issues with Social Media recently. Most children are very good with their phone behaviour but for a few, they get carried away whilst using Instagram or WhatsApp and say things which are unpleasant and downright nasty, at times. I spend quite a bit of my day sorting things out when we have these incidents as parents/carers often phone the school for help as they are not sure what to do and it is upsetting to read things about your child which are unkind/untrue. I asked Mrs Mayne (our IT Lead) if she could source some parent guides which would give advice about protecting your child and have information about current Social Media Apps. She has done this, and we will be adding them to the Parent Area of the website ASAP - they are very readable. It is useful for you, as parents and carers, to know about these programs. Examples are: Live Streaming and Vlogging, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Yubo, Tiktok, Twitch and many others. It is always good to stay ahead of the game – for now anyway! YEAR 6 PARENTS’ EVENING It was brilliant to see so many year six parents/carers who came to speak to their child’s class teacher about their progress during the week. The books were available and test results discussed. I can reassure you that our teachers and pupils in year six cannot work any harder than they are doing. The Easter break is fast approaching and will be very welcome for them all! YEAR 3 FAMILY BREAKFAST This morning we had a year three breakfast. It was lovely to see so many people enjoying food with their families. This is always a good start to the day. Again, I would like to thank our brilliant catering staff as well as Mrs Holt, Mrs Elwell and Mr Stynes who all work together to make sure the breakfasts are such a success. They were in work before 7am this morning!! Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 22/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 22/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, AIR AMBULANCE SURPISE! We had an Air Ambulance landing in our top yard yesterday after school as there was a medical emergency on Westfield Road. We texted you all as quickly as we could because we did not want you to worry that it was an emergency in school. The pilot, very kindly, asked if we had any children in clubs after school and would they like to come out to see the helicopter – so they did, and we took photos which were added to Twitter. Apparently, some parents, whose children were at Kidzclub and in the nursery, thought that we knew that the Air Ambulance was arriving as they saw our children and staff outside and were upset that we did not tell the Community Centre in advance. We would like to make clear that this was not the case – we were as surprised as everyone else! FARM VISIT IH and IC IH pupils and Mrs Smith-Phelps’ class were lucky enough to visit a farm on Wednesday where they saw a lamb being born (mixed reactions to that) and had an interesting and fun time learning lots about living on a farm. They chose a great day to go out as the weather was lovely! Thank you to Miss Billings in the office for organising this trip. TALENT SHOW WINNERS On Monday, in Celebration Assembly, the winners of the Talent Show received their prizes: third place was Cameron Whittaker (IH) who played the part of the Greatest Showman brilliantly; second place was Aayan Dhungal (3S) who played guitar and sang ‘Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty). In first place was Grace Briggs in 6M for her wonderful dancing. We had some runners up: Megan Clark 6L (piano), Alisha Yolasan and Brooke Prosser 5LR (dance) and Abby Strong, Darcie Abbott and Chloe Taylor (piano and song). Well done to all who took part – I am always impressed by our children and their bravery in performing in front of the whole school. We sent the proceeds to Comic Relief. Thank you to everyone who donated. 4LM CLASS ASSEMBLY This week is Coffee Stop and Mrs Mayne’s class assembly which was all about teamwork and co-operation. Again, this assembly shows what a creative group of teachers we have! It was wonderful to see. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 15/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 15/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, ENGLISH LESSONS This week, I have been to visit classes throughout the school and have watched the children’s learning in reading, writing and grammar. I love doing this as it lets me see our pupils doing what they do best – working hard and showing their knowledge and creativity! I would like to thank our children (and their brilliant teachers) for all their hard work. WESTFIELD’S GOT TALENT! Today, we had our annual Talent Show which was fantastic! This is always a big event at our school and all our pupils and staff, those performing and those in the audience, look forward to it. All the proceeds go to Comic Relief which is such a great cause. Some parents/carers wanted to know why we were not dressing up for this and the reason is that we had World Book Day a few weeks ago, where our pupils had the chance to dress up and we felt that the Talent Show was enough excitement for the day!! At the time of writing this, I cannot say who won the competition but the winners (first, second and third places) will receive their prizes on Monday in Celebration Assembly. Thank you to Mrs Cheney, Mr Farrell and Mrs Adams for helping me audition pupils this week and a big thank you to Mrs Osborne for giving up lots of her break times to help pupils rehearse. There were singers, actors, musicians and dancers galore (lots of ‘The Greatest Showman’ Acts). This year our judges were our newbie staff – Ms Mayne, Ms Randall and Ms Seavers – this is always a hard job. We also had a surprise act whilst the judges deliberated... Ms Blyth and Mr Winslade, who are both very talented performers, agreed to sing ‘Barcelona’ (Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe), which brought the house down!! You see – Westfield HAS Got Talent! SWIMMING GALA / SPORT TEAMS Mr Woodward and Mr Farrell have organised lots of teams going to sport tournaments this term and in the summer term. We have taken part in cross country, the Swimming Gala, football and rugby with both boys’ and girls’ teams enjoying the competition element of sport. Thank you to Mr Woodward especially for all his hard work. PARENT GOVERNOR NEEDED! As one of our Parent Governor’s has stepped down recently, we are looking for a parent/carer who might be interested in supporting the school in this role. If you are interested and would like to find out more (without any obligation to join the Governing Body), please contact me through the school office for information. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 8/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 08/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,   HINCKLEY LIBRARY VISITS It was due to the changeable weather this week that we decided to postpone the year three visit to the Hinckley Library which was a real shame and the children were disappointed. However, we are rescheduling this visit and will text parents and carers as soon as we have another date. The rest of the school have all been on their class visits and I accompanied 5LR on Monday. I have to say that I was very impressed by this class as they were so well-behaved and friendly towards each other. Whilst we were there, a Toddler Group were also in the library in the same area and I was proud of our children as they were able to stay focussed on Catherine’s storytelling and information about the library – there was a real racket going on behind them, but they were not fazed – well done to all!   NUT FREE SCHOOL I have been asked to remind all parents and carers that Westfield Junior School is a nut free school – this includes peanut butter kit-kats!  It is important to stick to this as children who have nut allergies can have very severe reactions even to the slightest hint of nuts.   WESTFIELD’S GOT TALENT Next Friday, 15th March, as it is Red Nose Day, we will have our traditional Talent Show in the school hall. Auditions for this extravaganza will be on Monday 11th March only. Mr Farrell and Mrs Adams will see years three and four auditions between 12:30 and 1:30 in the Studio. Mr Lambert and Mrs Greig will see year five and six for their auditions between 1pm and 2pm in the hall. Any acts must have their own music for the auditions and must tell Mrs Cheney which music they need before Friday’s show so that we can add it to the playlist on our school device. The cost of performing is 50p per person and the cost to the audience is 20p per person. Performers need to bring their costumes (and props) into school – uniform must be worn on Friday by all pupils. As we had the Book Day dressing up last Friday, we will NOT be dressing up for Red Nose Day (Red Noses are, of course, allowed).   4H CLASS ASSEMBLY This assembly was very Rock n’ Roll which I love! The children (and Miss Haggie) had a blast rehearsing this and I had the pleasure of listening to brilliant music all week… another fabulous assembly - well done to all. Mrs Rowe is a real Rock n’ Roll fan in her spare time so she, also, had a great time!   Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 1/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 01/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, YEAR THREE AND FOUR ROADTRIP USA EXHIBITION We would like to thank all our year three and four parents and carers for all their support and hard work with their children’s homework! I was really amazed at the level of creativity and the great ideas on show. We were also pleased to see so many parents/carers and family members making time to see the exhibition. Year two pupils from Westfield Infant School also visited us and were very impressed by the exhibits. BOOK WEEK This week we have had books on sale after school each day and the children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character today. All classes are in the process of visiting the Hinckley Library (year six went on Monday and year five are going this Monday). It is a fantastic amenity for everyone; books, DVDs, audio books as well as electronic books, magazines and newspapers are available. The School Council, led by Mrs Charity, visited all classrooms, making bookmarks and reading growth mindset books to the children. Classes also paired up to read together. Thank you so much to Mrs Charity for organising all this. CROSS COUNTRY SATURDAY 2ND MARCH Could I give a quick reminder about the Cross Country this Saturday to be held at Bosworth College in Desford? We had 40 attendees last time in February which was brilliant. At least this time it will warmer as it was freezing at the last event. YEARS 3 AND 4 FOOTBALL MATCH Today our year three and four boys’ football team is playing in a tournament at Stafford Leys School. Good luck to them – this is their first outing as a team. SUBLIME SCIENCE On Tuesday, our year three and four pupils had the opportunity to take part in Sublime Science with Dave. They did lots of experiments with bubbles, sound and even made slime! I think they enjoyed themselves and learned whilst having fun. YEAR SIX PARENTS’ EVENING This will be on the week of Monday 25th March with the late night being Thursday 28th March for year six parents/carers only. Years three, four and five Parents’ Evening will be next term; Tuesday 21st May to Thursday 23rd May (which will be the late evening). Best wishes, Margaret Greig

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