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Posted on: 13/10/2017

HeadTeachers Blog 13/10/2017

Dear Parents/Carers, PGL YEAR SIX Yesterday, I visited the year six pupils at PGL near Grantham in Lincolnshire. They were doing all sorts of activities and looked like they were having a brilliant time. I saw pupils on the Zip Wire, the Climbing Wall, building rafts and orienteering. They had been on the rifle range, archery range and also the Big Swing (which is a lot scarier than it sounds)! The weather was fabulous too whilst I was there and today is meant to be lovely too. Our staff were very happy with the great attitudes and ‘can do’ approach of our pupils. Thank you to the staff who have given up two evenings with their families to accompany our pupils – Mr Lambert, Mrs Chambers, Mr Millar, Mrs Elwell, Mrs Knowles and Mr Berry (who is one of our parent governors) - you will need your half term break! 5MK CLASS ASSEMBLY Today Mrs McKenzie’s year five class performed their class assembly. Following on from the fabulous year four Harvest Festival, I know they were worried that it would be a hard act to follow so they stepped up to the mark with a wonderful assembly about... chocolate - with a chocolate treat for the audience – yummy. Well done all! APRIL TAYLOR – PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE School Nurses are now called Public Health Nurses and April Taylor is working with our school this year. She will run drop-in sessions over the year (six altogether) and the first one is to be on Thursday 26th October from 8:50-9:50 in my office (don’t worry I won’t be there!). There are no appointments as such but she will see parents/carers for about 10 minutes each. BIKE SHEDS Mr Stynes, our Site Manager, has mentioned to me that children are leaving their bikes and scooters unlocked in the bike sheds – this week one was taken as it had been left unlocked. Please make sure that your child locks their bike or scooter to keep it safe. The school does not have responsibility for the children’s bikes. Next week is half term and it looks like we will have a few days of good weather. I hope you enjoy the break. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 6/10/2017

HeadTeachers Blog 06/10/2017

Dear Parents/Carers, PARENTS’ EVENING It was great to see so many parents/carers in school this week to talk to teachers about their children’s progress. Hopefully you found the discussions useful. I spoke to many parents/carers who were pleased – lots of smiles on the way out! For teachers, the first meeting of the year is invaluable, as it sets out what is expected in school and gives us a chance to iron out any worries you may have. We had a great turn out (as usual!) which is brilliant. ANIMAL ASSEMBLY On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. Geoff and Emma talked to the children about their work and brought some animals to show us – owls (barn and eagle), a hedgehog (unusually he had a pink nose), two millipedes and a fox called Sweep who spent the whole time cuddling Geoff (she was shy!) The children were amazing as they immediately understood that they needed to remain calm and quiet or they could frighten the animals – they even applauded quietly! I was very proud of them. Hopefully, Emma and Geoff will return to Westfield soon and bring the animals into classrooms so they can see them close up. DAILY MILE At last the path on the field is ready and we are starting our daily mile on Monday next week. The children should walk in trainers where possible to will need to bring them in each day. I will be explaining it all to them on Monday in assembly so next week is a trial week. We hope that in the year they will walk a total of 150 miles. I have been out a couple of times and the fresh air and exercise was just lovely. We hope that, as parents and carers, you will support this initiative. We will not be forcing children around the path but will encourage them to do this. Obviously, if it is persistent rain or the snow is knee deep we will not be walking but apart from that we’re good to go! There will be certificates for 50, 100 and then 150 miles and House Points too. Lastly, Mr Nichol, the new Head Teacher at Redmoor Academy, visited our school last week and I, very proudly, showed him round. He was so impressed with our school and the fact that the children were working hard and were polite and friendly. Go Westfield!! Best wishes, Margaret Greig

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