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Posted on: 01/02/2019

Headteachers Blog 01/02/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well, so far we have not seen a return of the ‘Beast from the East’ winter cold snap, which made life tricky last year. However, it is still chilly on the playgrounds and some of our children are not dressed for cold weather or wearing the appropriate footwear. As the temperature dips, we try to keep you as safe as we can and have gritted a path through the site, which should help. The gritted area is identified on the plan in red – we have attached a copy of the plan on the gates to the site.


Could I remind parents and carers that if there is an issue with any of our pupils on the school site, then they should inform school staff, and we will deal with it. It is important that you as adults do not confront our pupils in the playground about something that you believe has happened in school. We are very good at investigating issues – it is not appropriate for parents and carers to do this as it can be frightening for the child and we, as a school, have a duty of care to our children. We do have a Visitor Code of Conduct which you can find on the parent area of the school website which is a useful guide for all school visitors.


I have noticed recently that some of our older pupils are wearing hoodies and other non school uniform items of clothing to school. Our uniform is not strict, but we do ask that our pupils wear our school sweatshirts or cardigans – they all look very smart and I feel it shows that they are proud to be Westfield pupils. They can wear what they like on their actual birthday but need to wear their uniform for the rest of the year!


Today, it was Mrs Chambers’ class assembly, with the theme of Resilience based on the School of Rock film. All the year six class assemblies have been based on resilience work that we have been doing in school (Mrs Mayfield – Optimism, Mr Lambert – Integrity). This assembly had a real rock ‘n roll edge to it – I enjoyed listening to the rehearsals whilst in my office throughout the week! Great assembly.


Tomorrow, Mr Woodward and Mr Farrell will be helping to set up the Cross- Country trials at Bosworth Academy in Desford and Westfield Junior School have lots of children braving the cold weather and running. I will be there to cheer them on. Thank you to both!

Best wishes,
Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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