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Posted on: 22/03/2019

Headteachers Blog 22/03/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,


We had an Air Ambulance landing in our top yard yesterday after school as there was a medical emergency on Westfield Road. We texted you all as quickly as we could because we did not want you to worry that it was an emergency in school. The pilot, very kindly, asked if we had any children in clubs after school and would they like to come out to see the helicopter – so they did, and we took photos which were added to Twitter.

Apparently, some parents, whose children were at Kidzclub and in the nursery, thought that we knew that the Air Ambulance was arriving as they saw our children and staff outside and were upset that we did not tell the Community Centre in advance. We would like to make clear that this was not the case – we were as surprised as everyone else!


IH pupils and Mrs Smith-Phelps’ class were lucky enough to visit a farm on Wednesday where they saw a lamb being born (mixed reactions to that) and had an interesting and fun time learning lots about living on a farm. They chose a great day to go out as the weather was lovely! Thank you to Miss Billings in the office for organising this trip.


On Monday, in Celebration Assembly, the winners of the Talent Show received their prizes: third place was Cameron Whittaker (IH) who played the part of the Greatest Showman brilliantly; second place was Aayan Dhungal (3S) who played guitar and sang ‘Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty). In first place was Grace Briggs in 6M for her wonderful dancing. We had some runners up: Megan Clark 6L (piano), Alisha Yolasan and Brooke Prosser 5LR (dance) and Abby Strong, Darcie Abbott and Chloe Taylor (piano and song). Well done to all who took part – I am always impressed by our children and their bravery in performing in front of the whole school. We sent the proceeds to Comic Relief. Thank you to everyone who donated.


This week is Coffee Stop and Mrs Mayne’s class assembly which was all about teamwork and co-operation. Again, this assembly shows what a creative group of teachers we have! It was wonderful to see.

Best wishes,

Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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