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Posted on: 03/11/2017

HeadTeachers Blog 03/11/2017

Dear Parents/Carers,


I’m sure you all know this but our lovely school was vandalised in the early hours of Sunday morning. It has been a strange week overall as you can imagine. Firstly, we are sorry we had to close on Monday (after all, the Westfield schools stay open on ALL snow days when other schools in Hinckley close). The main reason was the amount of glass around plus the doors were not secure and I had to make the decision to close for the day. I would like to thank Mrs Holt, Mr Stynes and Mr Jones for their help on Sunday – they are a great team!

On the plus side, when the children came back to school on Tuesday it was back to normal (apart from some boarded up windows and doors). Most of the damage was created as the vandals tried to get out of the school rather than in. At present the police are investigating the incident and we have contacted our insurance company which, hopefully, will cover the cost of the damage as the school was securely locked.

Thank you so much for all your support and offers of help. It was much appreciated and I have to say the children at WJS have been brilliant this week. I spoke to them all in assembly on Tuesday morning and there has been no real anxiety about this – we want our pupils to feel safe in school so this is a good thing. Onwards and upwards!


On Wednesday the Year 3 pupils and staff came dressed up and ready for action! There were, of course, lots of superheroes (who would pass up the chance of dressing up as Superman or Wonder Woman?) but also some villains too. Photographs are on the website and were tweeted too.


Last week a letter and a flyer should have made their way to you, inviting you all to come to our school next Thursday evening (9th November) to have a look round and try some of the activities our staff have devised for you and your children. This is an evening for parents/carers and their children – we would not expect the see unaccompanied pupils in school for this. There will also be food tasting and refreshments. It starts at 6pm and lasts until 8pm – but you do not have to stay for the whole two hours! We would love to see you. Toby will be at the door to say hello (that used to be my job; isn’t it shocking that the Head Teacher is ousted by the reading dog??)

Best wishes, Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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