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Posted on: 26/01/2018

Headteachers Blog 26/01/2018

Dear Parents/Carter’s,
We have had a really busy time at Westfield this week! Read on for details...


On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be able to host the WATOTO Children’s choir from Uganda. This was because of our links with St John’s Church. The choir is on tour in the UK for 5 months and this is there second week away from home.
Their performance was fabulous - their enthusiasm and enjoyment about what they were doing just shone through! It was hard to know what was best - the singing of the choir or the way our children reacted to it. Some of our pupils felt brave enough to get up on stage to dance with the choir as did a couple of staff members (by pupil request); Mr Lambert and Mr Woodward strutting their stuff was a sight to behold...

The choir members stayed on for lunch and were presented with a Westfield PE tee shirt as a souvenir. We would like to thank the choir for their wonderful singing and dancing - it was a breath of fresh air and also the staff at St John’s for suggesting they came to Westfield Juniors. Year 2 pupils from the Infant School joined the audience.


Yesterday our year six pupils visited The Natural History Museum in Tring for the day as they are studying all about Charles Darwin. I did not go on the trip as I am going next week with year five but I heard from the staff who went and also Mr Greig who was there that the children were again a credit to our school. There were very positive comments from the staff at the museum and Mr Greig said he was very impressed by the children in his group. So well done everyone!


Last week we had two visitors from the Teaching School we are members of to look at reading and writing in school. Both were very positive about our teaching methods and the learning and great attitudes of our pupils. We also hosted a Head Teacher meeting and, again, the friendliness of staff and pupils together with comments about Westfield Juniors being a lovely school made me feel really proud to be the Head Teacher.


Today Mrs Richards-Jones’ class performed their brilliant class assembly. As yesterday was Robert Burn’s Day it was a definite Scottish theme! Who would have known that there were so many famous Scots inventors! For such a small country ( only four million people) we do okay! Thank you to 5RJ for such a great assembly.

It has been brought to my notice that some parents/carers are smoking e-cigarettes on the school site. The rules are the same for smoking. It is not permitted on the school site.

Best wishes’ Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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