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Posted on: 13/04/2018

Headteachers Blog 13/04/2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Everyone is back this week ready to work hard in class and do their best. I have been reading all the annual reports for pupils in years three, four and five during the Easter break and was very pleased at how positive they were! I loved reading the pupils’ comments about what they enjoy in school and what they need to do to improve. Lots of children said they enjoyed maths, music/French with Mrs Osborne, sport with Mr Woodward and Ainsley or art with Mrs Elwell.


As most of you know, we send out our annual reports (for years three, four and five) to parents and carers at the beginning of the summer term and then invite you into school to discuss them with your child’s class teacher. This ensures that any worries or issues you may have about your child’s learning is addressed before the end of the year. Parents’ Evening week is Tuesday 8th May (3:30 – 5:30), Wednesday 9th May (3:30- 5:30) and the late night is Thursday 10th May (3:30-7:30).


For the next few weeks up until half term, we have a local artist, Jude Markillie, coming into school to work with our children – all classes. We are looking to create some exciting art work for the walls in the corridors and on the stairs which will reflect our school ethos and what we stand for. We have been using words such as co- operation, kindness and integrity. Each class will work with Jude and each piece will have everyone’s contribution. Hopefully, it will give our long and high corridors a bit of ‘ooh la la!’ As lots of children indicated on their reports, our pupils enjoy art and this should be a fun activity which will stay on the Westfield walls for some time to come...


On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, year four pupils staged an exhibition of all their hard work during the Blue Abyss topic. Lots of the exhibits were fantastically creative – I would never be able to do anything as good and I could see how proud the pupils were. We hope our visitors enjoyed it. Well done all!


Yesterday, year five pupils had a Victorian education! I visited the classrooms and I can tell you, it was strict!! So many children dressed up for the day and the teachers played their part to perfection. I think the children will feel happier coming to school today where all will be as normal and their teachers will be back to their normal happy selves! Lots of hard work went into the organisation so thank you to all the year five staff and, of course, Mrs Elwell, who arranged sewing lessons. There should be photos available on class dojo and on the website.

Best wishes, Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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