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Posted on: 18/05/2018

Headteachers Blog 18/05/2018

Dear Parents/Carers,


We made it! SATs are over for this year – we had some very happy children in year six today... I was so proud of how well our pupils managed exam stress. The tests were fair but tricky as we expected and I was so pleased that ALL our pupils gave their best effort and worked hard all week.

From the year six team and myself: thank you to all the school staff and Governors who supported the tests, either by invigilating or setting up the exam spaces or making toast every morning or collating resources – too many to mention. It has been much appreciated!

As for our year six staff – you have been amazing; not only have you taught the children extremely well, you have also put the right support in place for children who struggled with the content of the year six curriculum and the fact that the children were just so ready for the tests is a testament to your hard work and forward planning. A great team effort! You all thoroughly deserve the McDonald’s treat.


Today we had Miss Haggie’s class assembly which was all about the Vikings. I do like a bit of history. There were songs and dancing and Thor with his hammer – lots of costumes and brilliant acting. We always try to have assemblies coincide with Coffee Stop and today was no different. It was good to see so many parents and carers in school at the end of the day.


Next Friday afternoon, the 25th May at 2pm in the hall, the choir will be entertaining their parents/carers and grandparents. This event needs a ticket and hopefully you will be able to join us – the choir have been learning some songs from Africa and are going to teach you a song so that everyone can sing together! Refreshments will be provided courtesy of Mrs Osborne.


Again, I have had complaints about people parking on the zig zags outside our school. This area is NOT for parking on as many of our children are trying to cross Westfield Road and cannot be seen by cars. Someone is going to get hurt so please don’t do it!!

Best wishes, Margaret Greig

Written by Headteacher
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