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Posted on: 17/05/2019

Headteachers Blog 17/05/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,   YEAR SIX SATs Team Westfield has been brilliant again this week! The year six pupils have completed their SATs and had a McDonald’s treat today (thank you to Mrs Cheney for collecting that). All staff who supervised the tests were impressed by the positive attitudes of our pupils and their focus throughout the week. Lots of staff throughout the school invigilated the tests and other staff covered missing colleagues so everyone was involved one way or another. The admin staff, especially Mrs Holt, were as usual organised and efficient. She ensured that the test papers were locked away and in the right place at the right time – not an easy task. Although the DfE says that the tests are not formal, a lot of procedures have been built in to maintain the integrity of the testing system and this involves many staff members ensuring all goes to plan. Mr Lambert, who is Head of Year, made sure it all went well and I would like to thank him and his team for all their brilliant teaching throughout the year.   PARENTS’ EVENING NEXT WEEK This term, we are having Parents’ Evening for years three, four and five on Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May. You should have already booked an appointment through the online system and we look forward to seeing you to discuss your child’s report and progress and give you a chance to look at your child’s books. I am also on site should you want to speak to me. For year five parents and carers, the teachers will be in the school hall. Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed the comments slip about their child’s report – much appreciated! 3S ASSEMBLY NEXT WEEK Next week, it is the turn of Miss Seavers’ class to perform their class assembly to the school and to their families. The assembly is all about self-control. They will be looking at ways of making good decisions and then showing how self-control can help you to become successful in your talents. Looking forward to seeing that assembly! SANDALS!! Can I remind parents/carers that pupils should not be wearing open-toed strappy sandals to school as they offer no real protection against the everyday hazards of a busy school. Keep the lovely, sparkly sandals for outside school!   Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 10/05/2019

Headteachers Blog 10/05/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,   We have had a very busy week, trying to cram five days worth of lessons into four days. Not an easy task. The school has been very calm this week although we had a couple of our year four boys playing with a football in the inner yard after school on Tuesday which is not allowed. The children have had a reminder about the rules in assembly this week. They should not be playing with any balls in the yards or on the field before or after school unless it is a sport session or football/netball match. Pupils should be going straight home after school and not lingering to play on the school site. Only pupils who are at school clubs should be on site.   ANNUAL REPORTS You should have received your child/children’s school reports this week (on Tuesday). We hope you will give us feedback by completing the slip enclosed with the report. Parental comments are always welcome.   PTA FILM NIGHT On Wednesday after school, 80 children stayed on to watch ‘Mary Poppins’ which had been organised by the PTA. Thank you to Mrs Elwell, Mrs Cheryl Wright and Mrs Cheney for their time and good organisation! Look out for Film Night next half term.   3A CLASS ASSEMBLY Today was the turn of Mrs Adams’ class to perform their class assembly. Although they did not have a full week to try to get in some rehearsals, it was fabulous – all about resilience, friendship, teamwork and being positive. As Mrs Adams is the PSHE Subject Leader, it was exactly what we are trying to teach our children at Westfield. Well done all!   COFFEE STOP Please join us from 2:30 onwards for cakes and refreshments or buy some cakes to take away for the weekend. Cakes are 50p each – a real bargain!!   SATs Everything has been done and we are ready for next week. It is one of the most important weeks in our school as the outcomes are used to judge whether our school is good and whether our lovely year six pupils are at the expected standard. As we know, children are much more than whether they do well in tests and a school is much more than its SATs results – rant over… We wish our year six pupils a successful week and we promise we will look after them especially well. McDonald’s Treat on Friday!! As parents/carers, you just need to make sure they have a good sleep and are on time in school. Toast will be provided in school on test days.   Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 3/05/2019

Headteachers Blog 03/05/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, It was great to see all the children back in school this week! They seemed happy to be back at school after the sugar rush of Easter eggs – too much chocolate… This term is really quite short, especially this half term which is four weeks and a Bank Holiday this Monday. Although it sounds great, everyone will have to work harder as the curriculum still needs to be taught and, of course, learnt by our pupils. We will have to squeeze six weeks work into four weeks.   EGYPTIAN ENGAGEMENT DAY YEARS 5 & 6 On Monday, on the first day back after the holidays, our year five and six pupils had a fantastic day in the Studio with Stuart who showed the children how to mummify a body, play a hunting game and then they had a weapons and technology session in the afternoon. Thank you to Mrs Western for organising this brilliant start to the Pharaoh’s topic this term.   CONDOVER HALL TRIP Yesterday, I visited Condover Hall in Shropshire, where 55 of our year four pupils and eight members of staff were on a residential visit. It was good to see that everyone was having a good time and trying new things – the rain had not dampened their spirits. The teachers were really impressed by the behaviour of the children and that they were asleep by 9:30!! They are due back this afternoon. Thank you to our lovely staff: Mrs RJ, Mrs Patten, Mrs Rowe, Miss Haggie, Mr Winslade, Mrs Gamage, Mrs Ansell and Mrs Cheney who have given up their time to support the residential visit.   ANNUAL REPORTS YEARS 3, 4 & 5 Next Tuesday (7th May) you will receive your child’s school report at the end of the day. This year we have tried to make them more parent/carer friendly. I have read them all and added my comments. I have to say that I enjoy reading the reports especially the pupil comments – they tell me so much about what the children enjoy at Westfield Juniors which is very positive! You will find an Attendance Summary with the report.   GOODIES’ TREAT – SUMMER TERM This term, the Goodies’ Treat will be on Monday 8th July and will be M and M Productions (a children’s theatre company) coming into school to perform ‘Treasure Island’ – pirates and treasure – what more could we ask for? I am hoping that all our pupils can attend the Goodies’ Treat this term as it is only ten weeks.   Best wishes, Margaret Greig   PS Coffee Stop next week…
Posted on: 12/04/2019

Headteachers Blog 12/04/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, GOODIES’ TREAT CINEMA TRIP This week, our pupils who have not had a detention this term, visited Cineworld in Hinckley to watch a film and have a Munch Box treat (years five and six watched ‘Small Foot’ and years three and four saw ‘Sherlock Gnomes’). As we were waiting to go in, a member of the public came over to ask which school we were from. He said that he was very impressed by the behaviour of the children as they were walking through The Crescent and whilst waiting to go in. This is always a lovely thing to hear and our pupils should feel proud of themselves. Again, we have had some visitors to the school this week and they were impressed by our pupils who showed that they were engaged in their learning in the classes they saw and in the corridors where they opened doors, showing that they have good manners – they are a credit to you. THE GREAT BIG SCHOOL CLEAN On Tuesday lunch break our intrepid litter pickers (Eco Warriors, School Council and IH) spent time tidying the school grounds and recycling plastics as part of the Great Big School Clean. I would like to thank the children who did this for the school as well as the staff who supported this worthwhile activity: Mrs Sodiq, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Elwell. Well done all! We already recycle our plastics in school and Mrs Lewis is very strict about it – we have had to rethink how we use packaging. Everyone has to do something to help the environment and our children felt that they were doing this by taking part in this National initiative which lasts from 23rd March to 23rd April. EASTER SERVICES Today, our pupils attended an Easter service at St John’s Church on Coventry Road as is now our tradition. Again, our pupils’ behaviour was impeccable with nearly 400 children on the move to and from the church. EASTER RAFFLE Thank you to Mrs Elwell and our PTA for organising an Easter Raffle for the children. The number of prizes was brilliant – lots of work for an already busy person in the last week of term – but well worth it. We hope you all have a lovely Easter break – this is my favourite time of year and no, it’s not because of the chocolate – well, maybe this is true... Best wishes, Margaret Greig
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