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Lower Phase Leader & Year 4 Teacher Mrs L McKenzie                                  
Year 4 Teacher Mrs L Mayne (Mon-Thu) / Mrs G Cheney (Fri)
Year 4 Teacher Miss H Barrs

Year 4 Summer Term 2021


This term we will be studying the following maths units:

  • Decimals – converting tenths and hundredths to decimals, dividing by 10 and 100, ordering, comparing and rounding decimal numbers.
  • – pounds and pence, pounds, tenths and hundredths, using rounding to estimate money, problem solving with money including multiplication and two-step problems.
  • – units of time, converting time and problem solving with units of time.
  • – charts, tables, line graphs and problem solving.
  • Geometry – position and direction, describing position, drawing on a grid, reasoning on a grid, moving on a grid and describing movement on a grid.

Knowledge organisers have been attached for these units of work.

Multiplication – by the end of Year 4, pupils should know all the times tables, up to 12, and their corresponding division facts.

All pupils have a Times Tables Rock Stars login and should be practising regularly on the site, as part of their homework.

Resources to help learn and practise multiplication:

BBC - Search results for times tables

Times tables Speed Test X -

Multiplication Tables Check -


In RE we are continuing with our Big Question: ‘Why do some people think life is a journey? What significant events mark this?’

This investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from different religious and spiritual ways of life relating to milestones on the journey of life. Through exploring baptism, Bar and Bat Mitzvah or Hindu Samskaras and marriage pupils explore how and why people chose to mark significant moments in life.

Our next Big Question will be: ‘Why are festivals important to religious communities?’

This investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from different religious and spiritual ways of life as shown through festival and celebration.

Knowledge organisers have been attached for these units of work.


This term we will be covering the following:

Year 4: Minecraft Challenge

In this module the children will get to explore some Minecraft challenges and will be given the opportunity to build their own Minecraft school.

Big Questions: Can you play Minecraft? How can we apply maths? Can we complete some maths challenges? Can we create simple and not so simple challenges for other children?

Year 4: Dinosaurs

In this activity the children will make their own blockbuster. They will learn all about filming techniques and storytelling skills.

Big Questions: Can you write a script? Can you create a storyboard? Can you make a film? Can you master basic filming techniques? Can you edit video clips? Can use AR and special effects? Can you create and add music to a film?


Our topic for the Summer Term is 'Road Trip USA'. We will be looking at a range of things, including USA history, famous artists, native American history and traditional crafts, as well as stories and a route 66 road trip! Please have a look at the knowledge organiser for all the information covered during this topic.


In Art this term, we are looking at famous American artist from different genres. We will be looking at Keith Haring (Graffiti style Pop Art), Jean-Michel Basquiat (Coloured Pattern Skulls) and Georgia O’Keeffee (Sculptures) to begin with.


This term the children will be studying the topics of Sound and Light.

In sound we are looking at how sounds are created through vibrations, how we hear, pitch, string telephones, sound proofing and how we can make music.

In Light, we are studying light and dark, reflective surfaces, how mirrors work, sun safety, making shadows and how shadows change.


This term we will initially be looking at how we can use our bodies to create body percussion patterns. Then we will be moving on to study Music Technology and using Incredibox (web based software) to create music.


This term in PE the children will still be doing multisport with the PE coaches on a Tuesday afternoon. They will also be completing their PE lessons outside on the field to enable them to play more games once they have learnt the skills. The children will also be taking part in athletic activities outside too.

During the summer term, the children in year 4 will all be taking part in swimming lessons every Friday afternoon. Please make sure that they have got a swimming costume (1 piece for the girls) or swimming trunks (not to come below the knees for the boys) and a towel in a bag. If you have completed the form to say your child requires goggles, then this will also need to be in their swim bag. Please ensure that they are all clearly labelled.


We suggest that children read at home with an adult at least 3 times a week. Children also have a login to practise their times tables on Times Table Rockstars so we suggest the children can practise 3 times a week too.

Throughout the year, the children have been learning the Year 3/4 spellings. These are attached for you to practise at home.

We ask that the children record their homework into their homework book and upload a photo of it onto their Class Dojo portfolio before the Friday each week.

English – This term we will be working on:

Writing: Leaflet writing and balanced arguments.

Grammar & Punctuation: Determiners, list sentences, adverbs of time, fronted adverbials, verb/person sentences, modal verbs, conjunctions to express time and cause, emotion, comma sentences, possessive pronouns, prepositions, 3Ed sentences and paragraphs.

Spelling: words with the ‘s’ sound spelt ‘sc’ (Latin origin) suffix -sion, apostrophes for possession including singular and plural words, homophones, spelling strategies for learning their words and paired testing.

Reading: to ask questions and wonder about texts, making connections between different pieces of information including pronouns, nouns and adjective links, looking at vocabulary in context and with dictionaries, retell stories, to summarise and use their inference skills to show understanding, using their working memory to understand texts, identify main ideas from a paragraph and restructuring texts (organisation).

PSHE: current affairs (Newsround)

Growing up: human reproduction, changes in boys, changes in girls, relationships and families and where do I come from? 


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