Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)

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The Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) Unit is known as IH.  It consists of twenty-four children and seven members of staff.  All children in IH have an Educational Health Care Plan, EHCP. 

The high number of staff enables children to work in small groups, usually, of four or less.  However, children are encouraged to work independently when and where possible.  IH is situated on the ground floor; it has two well equipped classrooms; with its own toilet facilities and a calming withdrawal room. 

IH has two permanent, Special Needs Teachers and five highly experienced Teaching Assistants. The Hub is therefore, staffed with a strong team who are committed in the development and enhancement of all children’s educational needs. 

The curriculum aims to provide progression, continuity and coherence in order to build on existing knowledge and skills. The class join together as one big group for registration and more practical lessons.  Where possible, the curriculum is delivered using a thematic approach (through a particular topic).  Numeracy is taught separately although there are some cross-curricular links.

Annual Review:
A detailed Annual Review Report is written each year and each child’s individual needs and their EHCP is looked at in more detail.  Parents/carers and other relevant professionals, are invited to attend the Annual Review meeting.  It is a good opportunity for all parties to discuss, review, plan and set future targets together.


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Latest News

Posted on: 25/01/2019

Headteachers Blog 25/01/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, SCOOTERS, BIKES AND FOOTBALLS! Could I remind parents and carers that we do not allow children or adults to ride bikes or scooters in the playgrounds when they drop off or collect their children. There are lots of people around, especially at the end of the day including young children, and I have had a few complaints about thoughtless behaviour involving scooters as well as footballs being kicked in the playgrounds which have hit bystanders. I will remind the children about the footballs but ask that you respect our rules on scooters and bikes. ROAD TRIP USA MODELS The exhibits for the upcoming Year 3 and 4 Road Trip USA exhibition have started to arrive in school and are looking very exciting and creative! We have put some in our year three corridor, so that people in school are able to have a look at them and there are more in the classrooms. I am always impressed by the creativity of our parents/carers and our pupils – well done everyone – you will see them later in the term at the exhibition. Look out for a reminder of the dates. YEAR 4 BREAKFAST This morning our wonderful catering staff (Mrs Catterall, Mrs Read, Mrs Capener and Mrs Burrows) as well as Mrs Holt, Mrs Elwell and Mr Stynes were in school by 7am to cook breakfast for our year 4 pupils and their families. Their hard work is much appreciated. It was great to see so many pupils and their families and friends attending and enjoying their breakfast! Thank you to staff who supported this and were also in work earlier than they needed to be. SCHOOL DINNER REMINDERS This is a reminder that school dinners should be paid in advance. Again, the school dinner account is nearly £300 short. Please communicate with us if you are having problems paying – make an appointment to speak to me – and we can try to work something out. Sometimes family circumstances change which affect budgets. If you don’t let us know, then we will just keep sending reminder texts. 6L ASSEMBLY Today was the turn of Mr Lambert’s class to perform their class assembly. On this occasion though, we need to thank Mr Millar who wrote and directed it – lots of hard work and a great success. Again, it was good to see an assembly with a resilience theme – integrity – which, as the children know, is the ability to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 18/01/2019

Headteachers Blog 18/01/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, ROUTES TO RESILIENCE After lots of hard work from staff and pupils (with Mrs Cheney leading the project), we are delighted to tell you that we have achieved the accreditation as a ‘Routes to Resilience School’. You will see evidence of this throughout our school in classroom displays and pupil designed art work which we are about to put up in the corridors. Your children’s class assemblies will also have resilience themes and the hall displays are all resilience themes such as risk taking, co-operation, perseverance, integrity, empathy and optimism. E-SAFETY ASSEMBLIES This week we have had E-Safety assemblies which were interactive and fun yet had a serious message for our pupils about how to stay safe online. This was followed up in classrooms by our staff. YEAR 5 SWIMMING Year four swam last term, year five are swimming this term and year three next term. This activity is heavily subsidised by the school – we pay for the bus basically – the cost is only £2 a week for parents and carers, which pays for a half hour lesson from a trained swimming coach. We feel that cost to parents and carers is very reasonable. Could I just remind parents and carers that if they have still not paid for their child’s lessons, they should do so through the online system. SKIPPING WORKSHOPS On Monday everyone seemed to be skipping! This is part of an initiative to encourage children to keep fit, with skipping being a very good and inexpensive activity to go for! Lots of our children learned how to skip (so many could not) and I loved the fact that there were lots of shiny red smiling faces afterwards! YEAR 4 FAMILY BREAKFAST This is a reminder that we will be cooking breakfast for the families of year four pupils on Friday 25th January starting at 8am. If you have bought tickets for this, please come into school through Reception – you do not have to be there at 8am – there is usually a queue then! We look forward to seeing you all. 6M CLASS ASSEMBLY Today was Mrs Mayfield’s fantastic class assembly and the theme was ‘Optimism’, which is brilliant for this time of year when we are all feeling a bit fed up with the weather and the darkness. Are you a ‘glass half full or a glass half empty’ type of person?? Best wishes, Margaret Greig  
Posted on: 11/01/2019

Headteachers Blog 11/01/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, Happy New Year to you all - it’s been lovely to see all our pupils back at school and ready for another term of learning! I was in the cloakroom on the first day back and most of our children were happy to be back in school with only one or two wanting an extended holiday… It has really turned cold and most children have warm coats, hats and gloves. However, there are still children turning up to school with no coat. I know that they don’t feel the cold as much as we do but it is really bitter outside especially on the top playground. YEAR 3 ENGAGEMENT DAY It was good to see the activities that the year three children were doing on Wednesday afternoon as the start of their ‘Road Trip USA’ topic for this half term. Mrs Adams was in the hall and taught the children a Cheer Leading routine (which I watched, and it was brilliant!), with Miss Seavers making tepees (they were called wigwams when I was little) in her classroom and Mr Farrell in the Studio playing NBA Basketball. This gives the children a taster and hopefully will inspire an interest in the upcoming topic work. E-SAFETY ASSEMBLIES This week we are lucky to have a company called Parent Zone (which is part of Google Internet Legends) who are coming into our school to deliver assemblies on Internet Safety. There will be follow up lessons in classrooms also. As you know we are having more pupils having access to Social Media and smart phones, which, if not used sensibly, can create real problems in some pupils’ well-being. We always endeavour to educate our pupils about this and hopefully you check your child’s phone/Internet use daily. 6M CLASS ASSEMBLY/COFFEE STOP Next week, we have the first class assembly (6M) of the term at 2:15 on Friday 18th January. It will be followed by Coffee Stop in the Gym. I know that we have had Christmas, and everyone seems to be ‘Eating Healthy’ but one cake won’t harm – would it?? We hope to see you for coffee and cake from 2:30 onwards… Best wishes, Mrs M Greig
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