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Posted on: 21/06/2019

Headteachers Blog 21/06/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, We are heading towards the end of the academic year (three weeks to go) and as is usual at this time of year, we are very busy. Some children find this time of year very stressful – as we know, not everyone likes change. Pupils will find out who their class teacher next year will be on Wednesday 3rd July just before transfer day on Thursday 4th July. ARTWORK Mr Greig, my lovely husband, has been in school this week putting up the sixteen pieces of artwork on the walls of the corridors and the stairs. They look amazing and children should feel proud of their contribution to the pieces. Have a look next time you are in school. YEARS FIVE AND SIX PHARAOH’S EXHIBITION On Tuesday after school and Wednesday morning, year five and six parents/carers had the opportunity to see the exhibits from the Pharaoh’s homework projects. Again, I was amazed to see the exhibits created by our pupils and family members – you are such a clever lot!! Mr Haltof, the new Head Teacher was in school and was also impressed – I love showing off our school!! LOCKDOWN DRILL Next week you will receive a letter from us telling you about a Lock Down drill which will take place on Monday 1st July at 10am. This is only a drill so do not panic if you hear that the school is in lockdown. Just a word of warning – no pupils will be allowed to leave or enter the school for the duration of the drill – this will take about 20 minutes. Also, no phone calls can be taken. This drill is a Health and Safety procedure which should be carried out at least annually. YEAR FIVE AT HINCKLEY ACADEMY Our whole year five group was invited to Hinckley Academy yesterday to spend the day taking part in an exciting set of activities about ‘Fantastical Beasts’. As is par for the course, our pupil behaviour and good learning attitudes were praised by the staff at the school. Well done all! JAM MUSIC PERFORMANCE On Wednesday afternoon the Junior Academy of Music pupils and staff gave a performance to the school, showing us what they have been learning this year. It was absolutely brilliant! We have such a lot of talented pupils. SPORTS’ DAY Today, we held our Sports’ Day – luckily, the weather was just right, not too wet, hot, cold or whatever the British weather throws at us! It was great to see so many parents/carers and other family members turning out to support their children. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 14/06/2019

Headteachers Blog 14/06/2019

Dear Parents/Carers, WESTFIELD ARTWORK At long last our Resilience Artwork has arrived from the printers and is in the process of being put on show in the corridors of the school. Each piece shows one of our Westfield Resilience Words e.g. Integrity, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Curiosity. Most of our pupils will recognise their artwork which will be on display for many years to come. The pieces are wonderfully colourful and vibrant and definitely add some ‘ooh la la’ to the school. YEAR SIX PGL RESIDENTIAL Last week 50 pupils and 7 members of staff plus one of our Governors spent an exciting week on the Isle of Wight. The following activities were tried by (nearly) all: abseiling, vertical challenge, aeroball, tunnelling, survivor, Jacob’s ladder and problem solving. In the evening we had a campfire, a disco and an orienteering activity. Mr Lambert organised some brilliant afternoon activities: Osborne House (Queen Victoria’s home), Allum Bay where we saw glass blowing and sweet making plus an afternoon at the local beach where everyone got soaked – luckily the weather was great all week (until Friday). Thank you to all our wonderful staff who gave up their time to come with us: Mrs Elwell, Mrs Smith-Phelps, Mr Millar, Mr Lambert, Mrs Charity, Mrs Mayfield and Mrs Chattaway, one of our Parent Governors. YEAR TWO FAMILY BREAKFAST It was really great to see so many families come to our school to have breakfast with their children who will be our new year three pupils next year! There were over 100 tickets sold and hopefully everyone had enough to eat. I would like to thank our catering staff, as well as Mrs Elwell, Mr Stynes and Mrs Holt, who all came in at 7am to start cooking. Thank you also to Mrs Charity, Mrs Smith-Phelps, Mrs Halliday, Mrs Richards-Jones, Mrs Mayne, Miss Haggie, Mrs Carsley, Mrs Patten, Mrs Rowe, Mrs Sodiq, Mrs Cheney who all came in early to support this event – I hope I have not forgotten anyone!! YEAR SIX DANCES This week, our year six pupils have started learning their dance routines for their Leavers’ Party – the theme is ‘Queen’ and I have had a great week listening to the music (which I love) and having a quick peek at what they are doing. The dance-off is going to amazing this year!! Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 24/05/2019

Headteachers Blog 24/05.2019

Dear Parents/Carers, It has been a very busy week this week as we have been recruiting for a Head Teacher. All the candidates who attended the interview process were very impressed by the children in the school who were fantastically well-behaved and showed that Westfield pupils are the best – we already know this! I was very proud of them all. Our School Councillors showed candidates around the school and did us proud. It is good to know that our school is seen as welcoming and a lovely environment – we try to please! PARENTS’ EVENINGS This week, as well as lots of other things going on, we have had Parents’ Evenings for pupils in years three, four and five. It was great to see so many parents and carers coming into school to discuss their child’s annual report and their progress at school. Hopefully, there were no surprises on those reports or when you spoke to your child’s class teacher. YEAR SIX PGL RESIDENTIAL We are off to the Isle of Wight on the 3rd June for five days. This is a first for Westfield pupils as we usually go to Lincolnshire in October. 51 children are going as well as 7 members of staff. The children will be doing all sorts of climbing and team activities as well as visiting Osborne House (Queen Victoria’s IOW home) and other areas of interest as well as spending time on the beach. Hopefully, we will have great weather too! Pupils who have opted to stay in school will have a week of fun activities. The coach will be arriving at school on Monday at 10am, leaving at 11am (ish) but luggage can be dropped off at school from 8am. Any medicines (obviously except those needed through half term) and any pocket money should be dropped off at school today. 3S CLASS ASSEMBLY Well done to 3S whose class assembly was fabulous! These children are definitely ready for year four. I am always impressed at how quickly the pupils from the infant school become junior school pupils and are able to meet our expectations and mature in year three. PARENT GOVERNORS Can I remind parents/carers that should they have a worry about their child, the correct procedure is to speak to school staff – the class teacher, Head of Year, Deputy Head, Family Liaison, SENDCo or Head Teacher, depending on the worry or issue. Parent Governors should not be asked to bring parental concerns to the Governing Body meetings as Governor duties are strategic rather than day to day running of the school. I would just like to add here that we are still looking for another Parent Governor. If you feel you would be able to do this important role for your child’s school, please contact the school office. Best wishes, Margaret Greig
Posted on: 17/05/2019

Headteachers Blog 17/05/2019

Dear Parents/Carers,   YEAR SIX SATs Team Westfield has been brilliant again this week! The year six pupils have completed their SATs and had a McDonald’s treat today (thank you to Mrs Cheney for collecting that). All staff who supervised the tests were impressed by the positive attitudes of our pupils and their focus throughout the week. Lots of staff throughout the school invigilated the tests and other staff covered missing colleagues so everyone was involved one way or another. The admin staff, especially Mrs Holt, were as usual organised and efficient. She ensured that the test papers were locked away and in the right place at the right time – not an easy task. Although the DfE says that the tests are not formal, a lot of procedures have been built in to maintain the integrity of the testing system and this involves many staff members ensuring all goes to plan. Mr Lambert, who is Head of Year, made sure it all went well and I would like to thank him and his team for all their brilliant teaching throughout the year.   PARENTS’ EVENING NEXT WEEK This term, we are having Parents’ Evening for years three, four and five on Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May. You should have already booked an appointment through the online system and we look forward to seeing you to discuss your child’s report and progress and give you a chance to look at your child’s books. I am also on site should you want to speak to me. For year five parents and carers, the teachers will be in the school hall. Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed the comments slip about their child’s report – much appreciated! 3S ASSEMBLY NEXT WEEK Next week, it is the turn of Miss Seavers’ class to perform their class assembly to the school and to their families. The assembly is all about self-control. They will be looking at ways of making good decisions and then showing how self-control can help you to become successful in your talents. Looking forward to seeing that assembly! SANDALS!! Can I remind parents/carers that pupils should not be wearing open-toed strappy sandals to school as they offer no real protection against the everyday hazards of a busy school. Keep the lovely, sparkly sandals for outside school!   Best wishes, Margaret Greig
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