MLD Unit

MLD Lead Mrs P Charity
MLD Teacher Mrs S Sodiq


The Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) Unit is known as IH.  It consists of twenty-four children and seven members of staff.  All children in IH have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

The high number of staff enables children to work in small groups, usually, of four or less.  However, children are encouraged to work independently when and where possible.  IH is situated on the ground floor; it has two well equipped classrooms with its own toilet facilities and a calming withdrawal room. 

IH has two permanent Special Needs Teachers and five highly experienced Teaching Assistants. The Unit is therefore staffed with a strong team who are committed to the development and enhancement of all children’s educational needs. 

The curriculum aims to provide progression, continuity and coherence in order to build on existing knowledge and skills. The class join together as one big group for registration and more practical lessons.  Where possible, the curriculum is delivered using a thematic approach (through a particular topic).  Mathematics is taught separately although there are some cross-curricular links.

Annual Review:
A detailed Annual Review Report is written each year and each child’s individual needs and their EHCP is reviewed in more detail.  Parents/carers and other relevant professionals are invited to attend the Annual Review meeting.  This is a good opportunity for all parties to discuss, review, plan and set future targets together.


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