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Our Curriculum

Here at Westfield Junior School, we want our pupils to experience a broad, balanced curriculum. We want this curriculum to be fun, interesting, exciting and relevant to all pupils, irrespective of their academic ability.

We follow the ‘Cornerstones’ curriculum, which is described by themselves as:

A broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum with a creative edge. Comprising of over 80 themed projects and 1000s of lesson ideas mapped to the national curriculum.

At Westfield Juniors, we cover 26 of these projects, over a two year rolling programme. Each project has a main theme such as geography, history, science or music, however there are many opportunities for other subjects to be taught through this project. An example of this is the ‘Pharaohs’ topic taught in Years 5 and 6. This is primarily a history based topic looking at ancient Egypt, however, lots of geography, literacy, art and design are taught too.

Sometimes, links with the project cannot be made, so ‘stand alone’ lessons are taught in order that pupils receive full National Curriculum coverage. An example of this in the ‘Pharaohs’ project is that there are no links to PE. PE lessons are still taught during this time but with no topical references.

Furthermore, every project features a weekly English plan that develops over the course of a week. This gives teachers a head start to plan for more detailed group activities. As well as that, Literacy is integral to all subjects, giving children the opportunity to use their reading, writing and language skills across the curriculum.

Our aim at Westfield is for the pupils to learn new knowledge and skills in a fun, interactive way. We believe the ‘Cornerstones’ curriculum enables us to do this.

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