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At Westfield Junior school we follow the Knowsley Computing Scheme of Work because "We believe in a curriculum that meets the interests of all learners, with a range of exciting creative activities and open-ended challenges based on the essential requirements of the computing program of study. We also ensure children can build on their understanding, as each new concept and skill is taught with opportunities for children to revisit skills and knowledge as they progress through school.

Each of the activities are organised into a series of hour long computing lessons. We like to think of our activities like a story with a beginning, middle and an end. We encourage teachers to help the children create their own digital learning journals that record their understanding and tell the story of the content they create with technology."


"We believe in a computing curriculum that is easy to follow and will equip children with the skills and knowledge they need to use technology safely and creatively. Computing isn’t a subject just about memorising facts and vocabulary words, it's about solving complex problems, being able to collaborate with others and learn from mistakes. We want children to become independent and to have fun with technology while developing 21st-century skills."


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