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Why we teach Science at Westfield.


Science is a core subject alongside English and Maths. As such, the National Curriculum (NC) lays down requirements for study which are statutory for all schools in England.


Science has an increasing impact on all aspects of modern life and is vital for the world’s future prosperity. Children are naturally fascinated by the world around them and science makes a valuable contribution to their understanding of it. Every child should learn about science in a way that is engaging, educational and relevant throughout their school years. By the time they finish Westfield, pupils should have the foundations of scientific knowledge, plus the necessary investigative skills to continue with their science education at high school.


Science – Curriculum Intent


Our intent is to:


  • Teach our children scientific/independent investigative skills
  • Provide our children with scientific knowledge
  • Build on our children’s natural curiosity
  • Stimulate them to investigate and question
  • Encourage both independence of enquiry and collaborative study
  • Link science teaching to real-life application
  • Foster concern for, and active care of, the natural environment
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