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Years 3 & 4


Pupils who are taught in our DSP receive the same curriculum over a two-year rolling programme as pupils who are taught in mainstream classes, although curriculum content is carefully adapted according to ability.  Wherever possible, we also ensure that DSP pupils benefit from a wide range of curriculum enrichment activities, such as trips and visitors.

Summer Term B


The Stuarts

This unit aims to support children to develop a chronologically secure understanding of this significant period of British history by diving deeper into the changing role of the monarchy during the 17th century.

Throughout the unit, the children will learn about some of the significant events that took place during this time, such as the English Civil War, the Gunpowder Plot and the Great Fire of London. They will learn that historians use a range of sources to interpret what happened in the past, and use evidence to discuss possible causes, and consequences, of significant events.

Children will learn about the lives of the monarchs and leaders during this period. When learning about Oliver Cromwell, the children will look at different historical perspectives of him and his time in power. Throughout the unit, the children will look at the political and religious impact that each person had on Britain. 

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Art and Design

Needlework, Embroidery & Weaving

This unit introduces needlework and embroidery through study of an intricate and richly coloured embroidered panel by Margaret MacDonald.  Pupils go on to look at the embroidery on the coronation dress of Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, and through this start to learn about different embroidery stitches. They design and create their own
bookmarks using cross-stitch.

In the second half of the unit the children learn about weaving.  They look at tapestries made at Mortlake based on drawings of the life of Christ by Raphael and study the abstract work of Anni Albers who was part of the Bauhaus movement. They spend time developing their own weaving skills, using cardboard looms, by making bookmarks.

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Design & Technology

Cook: Chilli & Rice + Apple Crumble


Asia - Japan

In this unit children will look at the physical and human geography of Japan including climate zones, biomes, rivers, mountains and also considers human geographical aspects of the regions including land use, population distribution, settlements, transport and industry.

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Pupils will identify common appliances that run on electricity. They will then move on to looking again at circuits. They will understand that electricity can flow around a loop, called a circuit. They will make simple circuits and consider what happens when the circuit is broken. They will recognise that batteries are stores of electrical energy that can power a component such as a bulb. Pupils will be introduced to switches. They will learn that often a circuit will contain a switch, which allows the flow of electrical current to be stopped by opening the circuit. They will understand that switches can be used for safety reasons and that a switch opens and closes a circuit which turns any components within the circuit on and off. 

Within this unit, children will learn about the inventor Thomas Edison and his work. They will learn that he was able to make an electric lightbulb that was suitable for people to use in their homes. They will also learn about Lewis Howard Latimer, an inventor who created a carbon filament for Edison’s bulb, which allowed it to shine for long periods of time.

Finally, children will look at conductors and insulators. They will work scientifically to identify which materials conduct electricity, making predictions and testing to find answers. 

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Lower Meadow Information

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