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I joined the Governing Body in May 2020, at a time when schools were facing unprecedented challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  I am extremely proud of the way Westfield Junior School supported pupils and their families during these difficult times and really became ‘the heart of the local community’.  I am now looking forward to supporting the school on its journey to be officially recognised as ‘Outstanding’.

I worked as a full-time secondary school teacher for 34 years in different schools in Leicester City and Leicestershire prior to taking early retirement at the end of the 2014/15 academic year.  During my teaching career I held various roles including being a classroom teacher, Curriculum Leader, Specialist Language College Director, Assistant Principal, Designated Safeguarding Lead and trainee Headteacher.  I am very keen to use my skills and experience to support Westfield to realise its vision to ‘aspire for excellence and to positively impact on our children for the rest of their lives’.

If any parent wishes to contact me on behalf of the Governing Body, please send an email for my attention to the school office at: admin@westfield-jun.leics.sch.uk

Mrs V Evans

Chair of Governors
Nominated Safeguarding Governor
Appointed by LA
From: 17 March 2020  To: 16 March 2023
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

I have worked as a Geography teacher for 18 years in secondary schools in Coventry, Nuneaton and Hinckley where my roles have included Head of Department, Head of Faculty and Initial Teacher Training Co-ordinator. I now work on behalf of the Department of Education as a Teacher Training Advisor, which is a home-based role, and therefore gives me more flexibility to support Westfield Junior School.

When I decided to leave the classroom, I still wanted to be part of a school community so I relished the chance of being first a parent governor and then, more recently, a co-opted Governor and Vice-Chair. I mostly enjoy using my skills and knowledge of education to support the head teacher and staff and feel privileged to visit the school during the working day and monitor activity in the classroom.

My main interest and focus as a Governor is the curriculum and ensuring the students at Westfield Junior School get an interesting and rounded experience at school that will encourage their development in the future.

Mrs E Adcock

Vice Chair of Governors
Appointed by Governing Body
From: 27 September 2019  To: 26 September 2023
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

During my career, I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful Governors and Trustees, and have been a Governor myself in several different schools both before and during Headship.  I recognise that Governors come from different backgrounds and bring with them a whole range of skills and experiences.  In recent years, Governance has undergone a transformation.  It is now recognised that the role of Governance is an integral part of leadership and management of a school and, consequently, is judged as such by Ofsted.

It is vital that the school has effective working relationships with Governors and as Head Teacher, I work closely with the Governing Body.  Key to an effective working relationship is transparency and clarity of purpose and thought.

Holding the school to account is an area where Governors will continue to have an increased role to play.  A true reflection of a school's success is not just attainment but the extent of progress made, and the desire and capacity to improve even further.  As Head Teacher, I am proud to be part of a wider team that works together for this common purpose.

Mr R Haltof

Head Teacher
Ex-officio by virtue of office as Head Teacher
From: 22 August 2019  To: 21 August 2029
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed


Mrs G Cheney

Appointed by school staff
From: 24 September 2021  To: 23 September 2025
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed



Mr Syd Henderson

Appointed by Governing Body
From: 6 April 2022  To: 5 April 2025
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

I am currently a part time lecturer at the Institute for Children Youth and Mission which is part of Newman University in Birmingham.  I specialise in teaching educational theory, pastoral care and chaplaincy and diversity issues.  I have been at the institutefor 17 years. 

Up until recently, I also worked at Redmoor Academy where I was involved in teaching GCSE law as part of the role of extended school co ordinator.  I was actively involved with the drama department and wrote and directed the school productions for 15 years as well as being director of the schools youth theatre.

I loves education and the opportunities it offers for children to discover their potential.  I want to serve as a governor so that I can continue to be part of this process helping the school and its staff deliver excellent teaching and learning experiences. I am passionate about pastoral care and well-being and have long been impressed with the way Westfield Junior School has prioritised these areas amongst its community.

Mr N Roberts

Nominated by LA/Appointed by Governing Body
From: 8 September 2021  To: 7 September 2025
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

I was approached shortly before my second son started at the junior school and asked if I would consider joining the governing body as they felt that my financial background could really help with the school's strategic planning.

I always enjoyed helping out at the infants and I’m keen to improve things for the children wherever possible so I decided to give it a go and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I had no idea what to expect but the school staff and other governors are both very helpful in assisting you.

I consider it a great privilege to do what I do, and my main focus will always be what is best for the children.

Mrs J Bocock

Elected by parents
From: 21 November 2018  To: 20 November 2022
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed





I joined Westfield Junior School's Governing Body, as a parent governor, in September 2021.  I have two children at the school and know how hard the school works to make them feel safe and confident in their schooling.  It has been great to see how the school has evolved and changed for the better over the last 3 years, and how the staff supported the school community during the COVID pandemic.  I am incredibly proud to be a parent and governor at Westfield Junior School and I am committed to supporting the staff and pupils in their journey to excellence.

I have a background in education and have worked at two local primary schools in my 16 years as a teacher.  I have worked across the primary sector, mostly as a KS2 teacher, and have led subjects such as computing and writing across my school.  At Westfield, I support the reading and phonics team, and have been impressed with their commitment to raising standards in reading, for children of all abilities.

Other than having a passion for education, I love to get outdoors with my own children and explore.  I have a passion for photography and love nothing more than to drink coffee and read a book in the sunshine, when I get a spare ten minutes to myself.

I am looking forward to watching the school grow and excel further, in the next few years of governance.

Mrs A Halkett

Parent appointed by Governing Body
From: 13 September 2021  To: 12 September 2025
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

Hi, having recently had the pleasure of joining the school Governing Body my aim is to use the knowledge and experience I have gained outside of the school environment to proactively support the school wherever and however I can be of service. I grew up locally and currently have a child  at the school, so I have a vested interest in helping the school recognise and consolidate its current best practice and hopefully strive for continuous incremental improvement.

Most of my working life has been expended in the field of finance and management, taking time out to raise children. I am predominantly working in the Charity sector as a concessions manager for The  Air Ambulance Service recently facing my fears and raising funds for our sister Company The Children's Air Ambulance by doing a skydive. I have recently completed an 874 Mile challenge Lands end to John o Groats.

Due to adverse situations I have gone back to my finance roots and I am currently training to be an Accountant.  Whilst not an immediate comparator with the education sector, it has however allowed me to gain experience in management, finance, building business to business relationships, fundraising and meeting some inspirational, courageous individuals from babies to the more mature individuals, including celebrities.  I am fully committed to assisting the school in meeting its obligations and objectives, whilst it manages the increasing challenges that modern-day schools have to contend with.

Mrs K Haywood

Parent appointed by Governing Body
From: 13 September 2021  To: 12 September 2025
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed

I studied at the University of Nottingham in the 1980s and worked in banking in the City of London, Coventry and Leicester in branch banking, corporate and project management. I re-trained as a teacher in 2000 at the University of Leicester and have worked in Primary and Secondary schools until 2021. For the final 8 years of my teaching career, I was Head teacher at a local primary school and special unit. I am now semi-retired but work part time as a supply teacher, invigilator and clerk.

Mrs H Causon

Clerk to Governors
Pecuniary and Personal Interests: None disclosed


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