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Spring Term A

History - The Rise of Hitler

During this unit the children will build on their understanding of the substantive concept: Nationalism. The children will learn about the nationalist political party known as the Nazi party, and how the Nazis controlled many aspects of life in Germany during this period, including roles of men and women and education. They will learn about Adolf Hitler and how he blamed Jewish people for things that were wrong and commanded that the German people avoid Jewish businesses, ordered books by Jewish authors to be burned, banned marriages between Jews and Germans and stopped Jewish children attending school.

Kristallnacht, or ‘Night of the Broken Glass’ will be looked at in depth and the children will learn about how Jewish homes, businesses and Synagogues were attacked by rioters and the authorities did nothing to prevent the destruction, and instead, arrested 30,000 Jewish people and sent them to concentration camps. Ninety Jewish people were killed. The Nazis said that this was not a government action but the actions of Germans who were expressing their dissatisfaction, blaming the Jews for the riots and fined them for the damage to the buildings. When learning about this, children will read primary sources from people who witnessed this event, including diary entries.

At the end of the unit, the children will look at the outbreak of the Second World War which will be support their understanding in their next unit on World War II.

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Science - Evolution

In this unit, children will be introduced to concept of evolution: the process by which living organisms (plants and mammals) develop and change, over time. The substantive concepts of this unit are inheritance, variation, adaptation and evolution by natural selection. Declarative knowledge (knowledge which manifests from the central principle), such as knowledge of biomes, habitats and reproduction, will also be built upon in this unit. The disciplinary knowledge gained in this unit will allow the children to think more like palaeontologists, naturalists, biologist and anthropologists (all types of scientists), by using data and diagrams to deduce and draw logical conclusions.

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Geography - North America

This unit builds on children’s understanding of world geography and focuses on the continent of North America.

Children’s understanding of biomes will be developed in this unit as they look at the tundra in the northern parts of the continent and the tropical forests of the southern parts of the continent. Children will build on their map skills as they explore maps of North America and develop their research skills using online map tools.

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Art and Design - Victorian Art and Architecture

The children start by looking at the architecture of the Houses of Parliament and how this important building was influenced by both gothic and classical style. They then study examples of Victorian architecture which they see in their local environment, identifying where it has either classical or gothic influences. Over the course of three lessons they do detailed drawings of famous London buildings (the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey) which show gothic or classical influence.

The children then study the work of the Victorian pre-Raphaelite artists.  They look in detail at Ophelia by Millais and The Annunciation by Rossetti and consider how these artists wanted to reflect reality in their paintings by engaging in careful observation. They practise careful observation themselves, by using watercolours to paint flowers. Through this activity they learn different techniques of painting with watercolour, painting wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet, as well as working from light to dark.

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